TIGER 1 trail underpass construction at Victory Drive

TIGER 1 White Oak Bayou Path & Signal Design

TEI led design of a shared-use path along White Oak Bayou from Alabonson Road to Antoine Drive. Funding for this trail came from a 2012 TIGER grant awarded to the City of Houston and the Houston Parks Board.

Key project elements included:

  • Extending the existing greenway trail 0.7 miles west along White Oak Bayou between Alabonson Road and Antoine Drive;
  • Improvement of a pedestrian bridge over White Oak Bayou near Alabonson Road; and
  • Installation of a pedestrian hybrid beacon (HAWK signal) where the new trail crosses Antoine Drive.

TEI was responsible for design of the trail, drainage, signing, pavement markings, and extensive coordination with governmental agencies (Harris County Flood Control District, City of Houston) to obtain plan approval. TEI managed subcontractors which prepared the survey, bridge design, retaining wall design, landscaping design, geotechnical investigations, and drainage modeling.

TEI also provided construction phase services. Construction of TIGER 1 cost $1.6 mm and concluded in fall 2016.

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