Creating Spaces for People in Motion

Communities are more than just buildings, roads, paths, and sidewalks. They’re living, breathing environments brought to life by people. Using our expertise, we help communities plan, build, and improve their transportation networks and infrastructure to make them connected, safe, and comfortable for people of all ages, abilities, and incomes. We know that transportation is deeply connected to a variety of community values, including economic development, access to housing and jobs, environmental quality, health and safety, and much more. We ensure our engineering work is thoughtful about the surrounding context and broader community needs and that our planning work is inclusive and implementable so that our clients can leverage transportation as a key component of improving their communities.

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TEI hires and develops excellent people who can work in a collaborative way to deliver state-of-the-practice results, and contribute to an enjoyable and exciting workplace. Our firm embraces a team approach to problem solving, drawing on the talents of many professionals.