Work that moves people.

At TEI, we are passionate about transforming mobility through innovation and creativity. We derive inspiration by partnering with communities to objectively understand and shape local transportation options tailored to diverse needs and challenges. From the most straightforward to the most complex projects, we actively listen to client and community needs and handle every project with diligence and focus. Our team are experts in their fields and leverage their daily experiences of walking, biking, and riding transit to intimately understand barriers and opportunities for change. Our clients have appreciated this unique and practical approach, trusting us as their partners in transportation since 1969. Together with our clients, we are motivated by shared success, inclusive partnerships, and our work’s positive impact on the communities we serve.

Our Approach

As transportation continues to evolve in our communities, so does our work. TEI believes all modes of transportation are essential to communities, and we work across the mobility spectrum. That has taken the shape of bicycle planning and design, sidewalk and trail design, signal design and traffic operations, transit planning, corridor planning and design, holistic mobility planning, and more! TEI focuses on projects that energize us as team members and inspire our clients and us to create vibrant communities.

The design of the public realm and streets dramatically impacts the surrounding community. While we understand national standards, we know that success comes in identifying how your community wants to apply them. TEI advocates context-sensitive design, the practice of designing streets with the surrounding land development, and a set of goals in mind developed in conversation with the community. Our planning work is rooted in creating meaningful goals that build consensus towards solutions and recommendations that are aspirational, yet implementable.