Steven Kochvar, EIT

Associate II

Steven is an Associate II at TEI interested in designing transportation infrastructure that facilitates safe trips to key destinations by all modes of travel.

Steven’s interest in transportation began during elementary school when his parents joined a local movement to prevent their town from widening a street that he crossed every day to go to school. After months of soliciting community input (in which young Steven voiced his opposition to the construction), the town signed an agreement with the state to widen the road. While he was disappointed at the outcome, Steven’s eyes were opened to how integral street design is to a community’s wellbeing. He started to pay special attention to the experience of walking, biking, and riding transit when visiting other cities and in his own hometown, often reflecting on what worked well and what didn’t. After moving to Houston for college, four years of walk- and bike-commuting ingrained in him the urgency of designing transportation systems that function safely and efficiently for pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, and drivers.

Originally from the Chicago area, Steven attended Rice University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. While a student, he completed a summer internship at TEI focused on intersection design, bicycle-friendly roadway design, and GIS mapping.

In his free time, Steven enjoys playing ukulele, piano, and singing, as well as learning languages (currently Spanish and Portuguese).