Breck Free Ride Transit Master Plan

TEI led development of the Town of Breckenridge’s Transit Master Plan (TMP) for the Breck Free Ride local bus service in 2019. The updated plan reflects:

  • Significant increases in transit ridership,
  • Growth in visitors for both the winter and summer seasons, Increasing congestion and gridlock within the town, and
  • Coordinating with the Town’s sustainability goals.

TEI developed crucial analysis to the existing system to identify the current needs, efficiencies, and opportunities. This included:

  • Current ridership trends,
  • Existing service levels,
  • Seasonal and daily variation,
  • On-time bus performance, and
  • A peer agency analysis.

The resulting information supported development of an updated system and route model with growth scenarios. The scenarios provide the Town with an understanding of how to apply additional resources over time to build upon the network and continue to encourage increases in ridership. The Plan also provided operational, fleet, and staffing recommendations to ensure that facility and staffing resources are appropriate to meet the network’s needs.

Additionally, the team developed recommendations for bus stop improvements, stop optimization, transit-oriented development (TOD) guidelines, signage, and marketing to better facilitate and communicate transit access and use within the community. As part of this project, community engagement efforts identified desired improvements, types of service, and destinations to be served. Overall the demand for bus service from the community was high, reflecting an opportunity to further increase transit ridership with appropriate service to important destinations.

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