new East End District sidewalk under construction

East End TIP Sidewalk Designs

TEI led design and prepared engineering plans for construction of more than 23,000 linear feet of sidewalks, including more than 150 curb ramps, in Houston’s historic East End District. ADA‑compliant sidewalks and ramps with signature East End aesthetic enhancements replaced existing, substandard infrastructure along segments of Milby Street, Commerce Street, Velasco Street, Roberts Street, and Sherman Street, among others.

The project included signature pedestrian‑scale lighting elements along key corridors. This project advanced the client’s vision of creating the most walkable neighborhood in the Houston region.In addition to the sidewalks, ramps, and pedestrian lighting, design work also included: ƒ

  • Pavement modifications where back‑of‑curb right‑of‑way was inadequate for sidewalks of the desired width; ƒ
  • Culvert design beneath curb ramps with open‑ditch drainage; ƒ
  • Identification of right‑of‑way encroachments; and
  • Slotted curb design for sheet‑flow drainage to match existing drainage features.

The project required extensive coordination with the City of Houston, CenterPoint Energy, AT&T, and the East End District to ensure the design met all applicable requirements and standards.At‑grade freight rail crossings of McKinney Street, Leeland Street, and Eastwood Street posed particular design challenges and required additional coordination with Union Pacific Railroad.

Construction of these improvements was completed in 2016. TEI also provided construction phase support of the project.

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