Greater Eastwood Livable Centers Study

TEI led development of the Greater Eastwood Livable Centers Study. This comprehensive plan focused on enhancing multimodal transportation safety and connectivity to the places people want to go, and improving how they get there, while facilitating future employment and housing opportunities, as well as great public spaces and resiliency through design. Detailed recommendations include redevelopment of Telephone Road into a vibrant Main Street to support the local economy, and opportunities for more walkable private development to leverage public transit investments. Proposed improvements also focus on safe routes to 11 schools in the study area and the University of Houston main campus.

Recommended projects are categorized as Building Blocks (scalable project elements), Quick Wins, or Big Moves. These elements can be overlaid and build upon supporting the larger, grander, interconnected network vision and long-term goals that will be implemented over time. This framework supports long-term implementation by positioning projects to compete for grants. The TEI Team included a Toolbox of high-comfort solutions that are specific to the corridor recommendations, open space enhancements, and urban design within the project area. The Toolbox can also be used as a resource and applied as opportunities arise in other areas surrounding Greater Eastwood. Stakeholder engagement focused on feedback to tailor recommendations while facilitating coordination and partnerships for implementation. This study coordination provided an unmatched opportunity to coordinate with and influence several major projects by other agencies which are already moving into implementation.

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