METRONext Long Range Plan

TEI played a pivotal role to develop METRONext, Houston METRO’s long-range transit plan, which envisions a future transit network that will provide reliable mobility and access to support continued growth and prosperity in the Houston region.

In building the case for action, TEI analyzed performance of the existing transit system including the New Bus Network. TEI led the bus network planning effort, facilitating a series of workshops with METRO and consulting staff to brainstorm, refine, and prioritize future bus system improvements.

For the Major Investment Corridor development process, TEI managed project definition and analysis for eleven potential capital projects in the West-Southwest Corridor, encompassing three busy and growing highway corridors. Conceptual modes, alignments, station locations, and service plans were defined to inform estimation of capital costs, operating costs, ridership, access, and benefits to populations of concern.

TEI also created and developed a concept and methodology for capital improvements to frequent bus corridors, dubbed BOOST (Bus Operations Optimized Service Treatments). BOOST projects make relatively low-cost investments in optimized, accessible bus stops, sidewalks, and transit signal priority to improve average speeds on METRO’s busiest, most frequent bus corridors. Savings in operating costs resulting from faster travel times can be applied toward repaying the initial investment or reinvested in additional service on the route. These anticipated returns make BOOST projects attractive and affordable while delivering service improvements to thousands of current and potential METRO customers.

Throughout the METRONext project, TEI provided strategic messaging, communications, and public involvement support. TEI also led system-level mapping and analysis to enrich the storytelling around the plan.

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