Sugar Land Mobility Master Plan

TEI is the prime firm leading development of an integrated Mobility Master Plan for City of Sugar Land. This community-led, transformative planning effort is building on and consolidating three prior separate plans to support mobility for all. The plan reflects the City’s mobility focus shifting from primarily moving vehicles to providing more safe and convenient mode choices which improve overall mobility, accessibility, and comfort for both people and goods to get around efficiently. This plan will develop one cohesive mobility vision and process for the City. The plan will establish a data-driven, performance-based framework for planning, prioritization, and implementation. It will also include strategies to effectively pursue dynamic opportunities and secure diverse funding.

This multi-year planning effort will engage across all City departments, regional and neighboring public agencies, a citizens’ task force, and the public at large. Outreach efforts have remained fluid to adapt as environments change due to COVID-19. The citizens’ “Mobility Task Force” includes 23 ethnically diverse community members, including residents and local business leaders, who represent the broader Sugar Land population geographically. They volunteered to help guide this planning process in meaningful ways throughout the multi-year effort. Monthly meetings have been a key factor shaping early stages of Plan development as well as public engagement which kicked off in October 2020. Working with this group allowed the project team to recruit more than 550 participants in the first week of our public survey. The City expects to complete the plan by 2023.

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